Ponda-based architectural photographer, Sandeep Patil, felicitated

Venita Gomes

Lighterature, a nationwide network of visual artistes, recently celebrated World Photography Day by felicitating popular Ponda-based architectural photographer, Sandeep Patil | All Pics Courtesy: Mohin Sawant
On the occasion, MLA and renowned opthalmologist, Chandrakant Shetye, lauded Lighterature and its founder Naresh Shetti for recognising and celebrating the people behind the lens who produce memorable and impactful work, but whose faces often go unnoticed.
The MLA, who is also the chairman of the Infotech Corporation of Goa, vowed government support to non-conventional fields like photography, and exhorted parents to support children who are keen on pursuing a career in the field.
The founder of Lighterature, Naresh Shetti, underscored the universal need for photography, be it for events, business, or intimate moments, and listed the numerous opportunities in the visual content world.
Shetti also said that till date, Lighterature has completed 70,000 photography and video assignments and has helped 500 artistes - including photographers, videographers, make-up artistes and editors - eke out a living. Its network spans over 60 cities across India.
The event also featured a number of pop-up podcasts and a live band.
The celebration was definitely a memorable one for all the participants and the members.