Remembering the times the forests of Goa paid the price for 'development'

Katia Goes

Forests are seen as the lungs of our planet. And, what is a body without its lungs?

Goa|International Forestry Day|Environment|Development

This International Day of Forests, let us remember the times when the forests of Goa have felt suffocated.

Goa|International Forestry Day|Environment|Deforestatio|Development

Amche Mollem Campaign

People from all over Goa came together to fight for the Mollem National Park and the Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary, which would be affected by the construction of a railway line, transmission line and highway.

Goa|International Forestry Day|Environment|Deforestation|Development|Amchem Mollem campaign | Photo: Chevon Rodrigues

The Konkan Railway

The construction of the railway required cutting through acres of paddy fields, khazan land and other eco-sensitive land, and that is exactly what was done despite opposition from the people.

Goa|International Forestry Day|Environment|Development|Konkan railway | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Ruthless mining in Goa has destroyed hills, fields, environment and forests, until it was stalled in recent years.

Goa|International Forestry Day|Environment|Deforestation|Mining | Photo: Goa Foundation

Mopa Airport

The second airport of Goa has been built on 700,000 square feet of land despite various protests and controversies surrounding the project.  

Goa|International Forestry Day|Environment|Development|Mopa airport | Photo: Venita Gomes

Regional Plan

The regional plan of Goa saw large-scale conversions of green zones to settlement zones. 

Goa|International Forestry Day|Environment|Development|RegionalPlan

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