Sangameshwar, where two rivers become one

Dhiraj Harmalkar

Shree Sangameshwar shrine in Sanguem is a perfect place to find bliss. The shrine goes under water for most part of the monsoon season.

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Shree Ramnath is the Gram Devata (principal deity) of Sanguem.


Shree Paikdev is considered a guardian of Sanguem. Many devotees come to this temple to seek blessings.


Children and youngsters often swim in this canal, which flows abundantly with the waters of Selaulim dam closeby.


Sanguem is the place where the Selaulim and Uguem rivers meet at Shree Sangameshwar tirtha.


Piraraj Mosque is well-known among the people of Sanguem.


Sanguem police station is one of the oldest in Goa.

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A makeshift market where people come to buy fish in bulk on Sundays.


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