The Goan Christmas in a nutshell

Evelyn Siqueira

For Goa's Catholic community, the Christmas season begins with Advent, which begins 4 Sundays before Christmas Day.

Goa | Christmas

Goan Catholics start preparing festive sweets days, and even weeks, in advance.

Goa | Christmas

Houses are decorated with an assortment of colourful ornaments and string lights. Christmas trees add a modern touch to the decor.

Goa | Christmas | Artwork: Katia Goes

A crib is the most important element of Christmas decor in Goa.

Goa | Christmas | Artwork: Katia Goes

A star, traditional handmade or readymade, is hung in front of every Catholic home, big or small.

Goa | Christmas | Artwork: Katia Goes

In villages and cities, carol singers go around the neighbourhood singing Christmas carols.

Goa | Christmas

Goa's Catholics attend Christmas midnight mass.

Goa | Christmas | Picture credit: Rohan Fernandes

Sweet platters are distributed to neighbours and friends on the occasion of Christmas.

Goa | Christmas | Pic courtesy: Irene's Culinary School, Porvorim

The week-long community or commercial celebrations include a Christmas dine & dance, family parties, tiatrs, visiting family/friends, exchanging gifts, charitable works etc.

Goa | Christmas | Pic credit: Mario Pires