The joy of riding a Goan ferry daily

Abigail Crasto


Although many people desire a break from their repetitive daily routine, the same cannot be said of those who commute on the ferry every day.

Goa| Ferry boats| Rides| Daily| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


For many in Goa, ferry rides are an integral part of their daily lives, often using them to travel to their desired location or return to their homes.

Goa| Ferry boats| Rides| Traveling back home| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Despite the challenges involved in boarding a ferry, such as timing it perfectly to catch one, those who frequently do so will acknowledge that it is a way for life to teach the value of patience.

Goa| Ferry boats| Rides| Patience| Ferry port| Waiting| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Who would want to pass up the chance to savour a moment? The serene waves softly touching or embracing the ferry, while the sky creates its own spectacle.

Goa| Ferry boats| Rides| Scenes| Skies| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Surrendering to the calmness, on certain days the timing is just right to witness the sunset, an enchanting view that can truly take your breath away.

Goa| Ferry boats| Rides| Sunsets| Tranquil| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Sailing on the ferries in Goa can be likened to a getaway, a momentary respite, or a brief interlude that allows individuals to fully appreciate the experience while they are in transit.

Goa| Ferry boats| Rides| | Photo: Abigail Crasto

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