The quintessential Goan wedding menu

Evelyn Siqueira

The Goan wedding reception is a showcase of culinary delights, from within the state, and outside it. Here’s a sample of a typical menu…

Goa | wedding food | menu | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

In Goa, no Catholic celebration is complete without the uber-flavourful Sorpotel. And so it is with weddings, too.

Goa | wedding food | sorpotel | Photo: Venita Gomes

Cafreal, the spicy chicken preparation, is another local favourite which is to-die-for.

Goa | wedding food | cafreal | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

Where there’s Sorpotel, there are sanna! This traditional fermented accompaniment takes the flavour of Sorpotel to the next level!

Goa | wedding food | sanna | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

Dinner rolls are the go-to option for those who prefer breads over sanna.

Goa | wedding food | bread | dinner rolls | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

If there’s meat on the table, there absolutely has to be salad as well.

Goa | wedding food | salad | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

Being a fish-loving people, seafood dishes are an important part of the Goan wedding banquet.

Goa | wedding food | fish | seafood | PHOTO: Roxanne D'Silva

What’s a dinner table without a vegetarian dish? And, at least one such dish can be found on the wedding buffet table.

Goa | wedding food | veg | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

A rice preparation, such as pulao or fried rice, is a must at every Goan celebration.

Goa | wedding food | pulao | fried rice | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

For the finale, delicately flavoured crème caramel, or pudding, is the all-important light dessert to top off a hearty celebratory meal.

Goa | wedding food | caramel pudding | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

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