There’s more to Goan crops than cashews and coconuts

Evelyn Siqueira

Goa is well known as a land of cashews and coconuts, made famous by the heady feni and urrak. But, several veggies are grown here, too. The following are just a few, which Goans include in their regular diet.

Goa crops | vegetables | cashew


Red amaranthus (locally called tambddi baji) is generally eaten as a dry vegetable preparation in Goa.

Goa crops | vegetables | amaranthus | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes


Ladyfingers, or bhendi (Abelmoschus esculenta) are used to prepare a vegetable dish or curries such as Caldinha.

Goa crops | vegetables | ladyfinger


Called tidki in local parlance, these beans are bitter, yet popular across India, and in Goa, too.

Goa crops | vegetables | cluster beans


A dry vegetable dish or curry is usually made from knol khol, also called naab or kohlrabi.

Goa crops | vegetables | knol khol


Cabbage is generally consumed in the form of a salad or a dry dish, called foogath.

Goa crops | vegetables | cabbage


From green to red, and fat to slim, a variety of chillies form an essential part of Goan cuisine, adding that fiery element to it.

Goa crops | vegetables | chillies | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes


In Goa, brinjal is commonly enjoyed in the form of pickle, fried slices or stuffed with a spicy mixture.

Goa crops | vegetables | brinjal

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