These public arts at Serendipity Arts Festival will speak to you

Rohan Fernandes

Time Repeats is an ongoing experimental public art project by Daku on history repeating itself. The project also reflects Daku's own experience of living in Goa and seeing how the state's history is constantly being rewritten and forgotten. 

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|time art

An eye-catching painting on the wall in Panjim as part of the public art project, The Island That Never Gets Flooded.

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|public art

The Case Of Missing Species is an interactive public art installation that stems from absent science-based facts that are used to make decisions detrimental to Goa’s future.

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|public art

Incarnation Park project is a collaboration between local artists to showcase local artifacts.  

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|public art

Joining The Dots: A Spectator's Sport is a project where balloons spread across the city depict those who are trying to keep up with the worldly order like development, progress and wealth.

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|public art | Rohan Fernandes

Pot Painting & Rice Planting involves an activity for 10 to 12 year old children where they have to paint a clay pot and plant a rice sapling. The best one will win a prize.

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|plant art

Places My Chair Likes To Go is a project by Salil Chaturvedi as part of which a wheelchair will be provided to viewers so they can get a feeling of its mobility first hand.

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|public art

The main focus of Art Kitchen Community Cooking project is to define production and consumption of food as an approachable way to activate our social imagination.

Serendipity Arts Festival|Goa|food art