Tourists enjoy the thrill of watersports in Goa

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After a break, the tourism season is slowly starting to pick up with watersports and other adventure activities resuming operations in Goa.

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Various watersports and adventure activities are being conducted in North Goa's beaches, like Calangute, Baga, Anjuna and further north.

Watersports adventure | North Goa

While tourists come to enjoy Goa's beauty and greenery, adventure sports and watersports are also what get them excited and thrilled.

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You can find the young and the old fearlessly taking up watersports activities, including banana boat rides, parasailing, jet skiing, etc.

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If you visit Goa's beaches, you can find a variety of adventure and watersports activities curated to the needs of people coming here.

Tourism in Goa|Watersports

A tourist enjoys the thrill of jet skiing.

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With many new companies establishing watersports businesses in Goa, the state is becoming a popular tourist spot to try out these activities.

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