Tune in to these events in Goa, this May

Abigail Crasto


Irrespective of the heat, May is the perfect time to have fun in Goa. Let not the heat keep you back from enjoying these events...

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First up, is the music concert by Bootleg Bee Gees (tribute band) at Gawin’s Quinta De Valadares, South Goa, on May 1, 2024. The following day (May 2), they will perform at the Kala Academy, Campal, Panjim.

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Following the Lenten season, many parishes across Goa celebrate their annual feasts. These include the feast of Mae de Deus at Saligao, the feast of the Holy Cross at Santa Cruz (both celebrated on the first Sunday of May) and St Mathias feast at Divar.

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Besides Goan music and food, the star of the celebration in May is the cashew fruit. And so, don't miss Season 2 of Goa's Cashew Fest from May 10 to May 12, at the DB Ground, Campal, Panjim.

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The Purumentache Fest is an age-old Goan tradition that involves stocking items such as sun-dried red chillies, dry fish and tamarind for the lean (monsoon) season. These supplies are usually purchased at the Purumentache Fests held in Margao, Panjim and Sanguem.

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One of Goa's traditional and unique festivals, this zatra, dedicated to goddess Lairai, will take place in Shirgao on May 12. The most interesting feature of the celebration is Agnidivya, a ritual of walking on burning coal.

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Apart from Goans deciding their future representatives at the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, to be held in the State this May 7, 2024, Goa will also commemorate it's Statehood day on May 30.

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