Turning the pages of Goa in 2023

Abigail Crasto

Every ending is a new beginning. Let us glance through the events in 2023 that shaped Goa and its future.

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In 2023, one among the 8 defector MLAs, Aleixo Sequeira, who'd shifted from opposition to the ruling, was finally rewarded a ministry. Sequeira's prize came at the cost of MLA Nilesh Cabral, who had to reportedly sacrifice his coveted post.

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Panjim citizens were asked to bear with the shoddy Smart City infrastructure works that have left parts of the city covered in red dust and there is no idea when these will be completed.

Goa| Trends| 2023| Smart City works| Panjim | Photo: Sandeep Desai


Unchecked, reckless and drunk driving continue to snuff out precious lives on Goan roads and 2023 has seen a record number of fatalities so far.

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This year, Goa finally pulled off the hosting of the 37th National Games with all its shortcomings. G20 meetings, IFFI and the just-concluded Serendipity Arts Festival were the other events Goa hosted.

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Goans came out in large numbers to oppose the diversion of Mhadei river water to Karnataka. Besides the Mhadei protest, people in villages opposed major proposed building projects which were granted permissions against their wishes.

Goa| Trends| 2023| Protests| Joining hands| | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Apart from the many fires (with 77 in March alone), including the man-made Mhadei forest fires, Goa also witnessed a major inferno at the Berger paint factory at Pilerne in Bardez.

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