Visit these places in Goa and step into the pages of history

Evelyn Siqueira


Goa’s beaches and culinary delights may be highly sought-after, but it’s the vintage elements, such as these, that give an insight into a bygone era…

Goa | beach | Varca | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


Several museums -- from the Indian Customs & Central Excise Museum (Darohar) in Panjim to the Museum of Christian Art (MoCA) in Old Goa -- are housed in buildings which are hundreds of years old.

Goa | Museum of Christian Art | MoCA


Most churches in Goa, including famous ones like the Panjim Church and the churches of Old Goa, are centuries old.

Goa | Panjim Church


A number of temples go back hundreds of years, one of them being the 13th century Mahadeva Temple in Tambdi Surla.

Goa | Mahadeva Temple | Tambdi Surla | Photo: Nandini Das Gupta


It isn’t every day that you hear about Goa’s palaces. Adil Shah Palace and the Archbishop's House (Paco Patriarcal) are two that are located in Panjim.

Goa | Archbishop's House | Paco Patriarcal


Considering that Goa has changed hands several times throughout its history, it is, but natural, that colossal forts should be found in this land.

Goa | Fort Aguada | Candolim | Sinquerim


A great number of old bridges can be seen in Goa, today. The most well-known, the Ribandar causeway (Ponte Conde de Linhares), at almost 400-years-old, is still going strong and continues to be in use.

Goa | Ribandar causeway | Ponte Conde de Linhares


An oft overlooked feature that contains a slice of the past is the old houses of Goa, many of which still stand, and are dotted across the state. 

Goa | Fontainhas | houses

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