Visiting Mapusa? These 8 things will entice you

Evelyn Siqueira

If you’re checking out the Mapusa market, you simply cannot miss the fountain, named Shakuntala, right at the entrance of the market.

Mapusa | Goa | Shakuntala fountain | Photo: KD

Mapusa's age-old flower market is bursting with colour thanks to the local flowers such as marigolds, roses, chrysanthemums etc sold there.

Mapusa | Goa | flower market | Photo: KD

Bodgeshwar Temple is situated on the outskirts of Mapusa and is dedicated to Lord Bodgeshwar, who is believed to be the ‘guardian’ of the city.

Mapusa | Goa | Bodgeshwar Temple | Photo: Sharon Fernandes

Mapusa’s famous Milagres feast is held at the Mapusa Church, also known as St Jerome Church.

Mapusa | Goa | Mapusa Church | St Jerome Church | Photo: Gomantak Times

The old Mapusa Municipal building began functioning in 1842

Mapusa | Goa | Mapusa Municipal building | Photo: Gomantak Times

Prominently located in the city, Hanuman Temple was built in the 1940s.

Mapusa | Goa | Hanuman Temple | Photo: Sharon Fernandes

St Joseph Chapel is one of many lesser known chapels in Mapusa.

Mapusa | Goa | St Joseph Chapel | Photo: Sharon Fernandes

The new MMC building formerly housed St Mary’s School.

Mapusa | Goa | MMC | St Mary’s School | Photo: Sharon Fernandes

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