When Goans in one voice sang save Mother Mhadei chorus

Venita Gomes

Thousands of Goans were present at the Save Mhadei meeting in Virdi, Sankhali, to oppose the approval of DPR for the river diversion.

Save Mhadei|Karnataka water dispute|Goa | All pics: Rohan Fernandes

The meeting was organised by the Save Mhadei Save Goa Front.

Save Mhadei| Karnataka water dispute |Goa |Save Mhadei Save Goa Front

Members of the Opposition parties attended the meeting, while the ruling MLAs stayed away.

Save Mhadei | Save Goa |River dispute|Goa

Representatives from the 12 talukas poured water into a large pot to affirm their commitment to stop diversion of Mhadei tributaries.

Save Mhadei|Karnataka water dispute |Goa

People came for the meeting armed with banners.

Save Mhadei| Karnataka water dispute |Goa

Both young and the old participated in the meeting and expressed their support to 'Mhadei Bachao Andolan'

Mhadei Bachao Andolan | Goa| Save Mhadei

Currently, Karnataka has moved for forest clearances and the future of Mhadei waters still remains unknown.

Save Mhadei| Save Goa |Water dispute

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