When Hilton Goa Resort turned into Indian street foodscape

Roxanne D'silva

The recently held Street Food festival at Hilton Goa Resort was not only about taste, but bringing back nostalgic memories and enjoying an evening out with family and friends.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Mini-india | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

The festival was organised at the resort's all-day dining outlet at Saipem, Candolim.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Goa|Flavours | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

At the festival, one could taste street food from all places like Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Northeast, Kerala and Kolkata.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Goa| | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

Each city had a separate live station and counter with a dynamic menu to spoil one for choice.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Goa|Menu | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

The in-house chefs curated menus to satisfy everyone's taste buds.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Gola | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

Along with the savoury food counters, there were dedicated dessert sections churning out regional delicacies.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Goa|Sweet counter | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

There was everything for everyone's taste as the venue turned into a mini-India street food corner.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Goa|Live counter | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

It was not only about food, but loads of fun and games.

Street food festival| Saipem|Hilton|Goa|Fun & food | Photo: Hilton Goa Resort

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