When in Goa, go on a heritage trail to Sri Kaneri Siddha Parvat

Dhiraj Harmalkar

On the occasion of Mahashivratri, devotees of Lord Shiva and Nath clan followers climb up the Siddha Parvat to offer prayers at the Sri Kaneri Siddha temple.

Goa|Spirituality|Temple|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

A trishul placed just outside the temple. The Nath clan rever trishul as a symbol of protection.

Goa|Spirituality|Trishul|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

A ghumti located outside the temple. It is said that Siddhas (one who is learned and accomplished) used to meditate here.

Goa|Spirituality|Ghumti|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

Devotees wait in long queue to offer flowers and prayers at the temple.

Goa|Spirituality|Devotion|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

This well located on the hill never runs out of water.

Goa|Spirituality|Well|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

After climbing the hill for more than an hour, devotees rest for a while.

Goa|Spirituality|Rest|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

There is a sacred cave on top of the hill where Siddhas meditated for days.

Goa|Spirituality|Cave|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

Every year, a pandal is erected specially for Shivaratri.

Goa|Spirituality|Pandal| Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

People have to park their cars below and walk up the hill to the temple.

Goa|Spirituality|Hill|Bhati | Photo: Gauresh Satarkar

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