When Lorna sang, it felt like the old & golden Goa again

Lakshmi G Sardesai

The Armando Gonsalves (Goa ForGiving) mansion at Campal hosted Goa's nightingale, Lorna Cordeiro, in a memorable music show. But before she entered, Roque Lazarus sang Tambdi Matti.

Memorable music show | Goa Heritage Festival | Goa ForGiving | All pics: Lakshmi G Sardesai

Also, Nicole de Souza enthralled the gathering with her soothing voice.

Heart & Soul | Connecting Goa through music

The Monsorate Brothers were ecstatic to play with Lorna after a gap of 25 years.

Music for the soul | Monsorate Brothers

After Lorna finally made her entry, she sang her comeback song of 1995 -- Aikat Mhozo Tallo.

Goa's nightingale | Unplugged sweetness

Those gathered discovered that even at the age of 78, Lorna's voice is impeccable.

Music with a smile | Goa's singing pride

She still continues to enthrall crowds with her golden voice.

Show stealer | Goa's nightingale at her best

Lorna glad to pose for a photo with the Monsorate Brothers and fellow musicians.