When Old Monk rum met tandoori chai in Goa

Katia Goes

As the weather gets colder, here are a few places where you can grab a hot cup of some tandoori chai in Goa.

Tandoori chai | Goa | explainer | tea | All Illustrations: Katia Goes

During the process, the tea absorbs the earthy flavour of the matka. This gives us a smoky and flavoursome cup of tandoori chai...

Tandoori chai | Goa |matka | tea | Illustration

...which is best served in a Kulhad.

Tandoori chai | Goa | kulhad | tea | Illustration

1. Cafe Aguada in Sinquerim serves tandoori chai with a twist - adding some Old Monk rum into it!

Tandoori chai | Goa | Old Monk chai | alcohol | tea | Cafe Aguada | Sinquerim | Picture courtesy: Cafe Aguada

2. Vimal Tandoori Chai & Kolhapur Cafe in Panjim.

Tandoori chai | Goa | Vimal Tandoori Chai | tea | Picture courtesy: Nikhil Dabholkar

3. John's Food Stall in Nerul, Goa.

Tandoori chai | Goa | John's Food Stall | Nerul | tea | Picture courtesy: Ruben D'Costa

4. ViN Tandoori Chai in Mapusa.

Tandoori chai | Goa | Mapusa | ViN | tea | Picture courtesy: ViN Tandoori Chai

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