When you see these things, you know it’s a Goan house

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These characteristic ceramic tiles found in Goa usually depict caricatures or Goan scenes. You will also notice azulejo nameplates and murals on the exteriors of Goan homes.

Goa| Goan household items| Azulejo | Photo: Abigail Crasto


Goa’s famous rooster-shaped water dispenser, made of clay, keeps water naturally cool.

Goa| Goan household items| Gurguret | Photo: Maryanne De Souza


These brown and white ceramic jars are used to store homemade Goan pickles, oils, vinegar and other preserves.

Goa| Goan household items| Buyao | Photo: Abigail Crasto


The dhumpel is a clay incense burner used in Goan homes during religious rituals and also to drive away insects, such as mosquitoes, especially during the monsoons.

Goa| Goan household items| Dhumpel | Photo: Maryanne De Souza

5. SUP

These are made by weaving bamboo strips, and are used to sun dry chillies or fish. They are also used by Goa’s farming community to winnow paddy.

Goa| Goan household items| Sup| Kashmiri chillies | Photo: Abigail Crasto


It’s the traditional grinding stone which comprises a mortar and pestle, and gives Goan curries and masalas a flavorful and distinct taste.

Goa| Goan household items| Rogddo | Photo: Maryanne De Souza


These are traditional copper steamers seen in many Goan households. They are used to prepare Goan rice cakes (sanna), patoleos and more.

Goa| Goan household items| Confro | Photo: Abigail Crasto

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