Wondering what Goans often talk about?

Abigail Crasto


Looking to initiate a discussion with someone from Goa? A simple koxem asa or Koso asa ? (How are you?) is enough to get a conversation going. Here's a guide to some topics that interests Goans...

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On days when the heat becomes unbearable in Goa, even a complete stranger across the street will join in complaining and go on to suggest some tips to beat the heat.

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Keeping track of the daily news updates, especially politics, is a way to stay in the league. So when a conversation veers towards politics and politicians, Goans will always have opinions and suggestions.

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Goans don't just play football – they live and breathe the game, and when it comes to dissecting a game or tournament, there are too many experts and the analysis is best done over a glass of beer.

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Thanks to the poor condition of Goan roads, there's always a room for debate on the authorities' lack of concern for the people and their dusty woes.

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Silence is golden and gossip is considered a waste of time, but not in Goa's villages where there is always room to speculate what's happening in your neighbours' lives.

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Communication is key and Goans know this well. Whether it is about football, tiatr or a political rally, Goans feel it is their birthright to give a say. They say it and make it count.

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