Wooed by a mind-blowing waterfall in Virdi near Goa

Franky Gracias

If you want to find yourself in the lap of nature in the monsoon, Virdi village in Dodamarg, Maharashtra, bordering Goa, is the place to be. | All pics: Franky Gracias
The monsoon brings the village to life with its heavily flowing streams. If one has to access some of the big waterfalls in the area, one has to cross these big streams which is difficult, unless you are a risk taker.
But the trek to Virdi's Amini waterfall, which is roughly a 45 minute to one hour walk from the village, is easily accessible in the rains.
The trek to the waterfall, which lies in the lap of Chorla Ghats, is mired in green and one can see the clouds kissing the hills. The views in this part of the Western Ghats are worth trekking for.
Trekkers will have the joy of feeling refreshed as they cross smaller streams like this one on the way.
And as you get much farther into the wilderness, you will find spots like this one on the way to stop for a small photo shoot.
And once you arrive at the Amini waterfall, the gushing water and the noise that comes along with it, will give you an adrenaline rush for a refreshing dip.
And a pool at the base of the waterfall is a place where one can refresh and soak in the beauty of the surroundings.
But the best part is taking one step ahead and climbing over into the lap of the waterfall with the help of your local guide.