World Coconut Day: See how coconut is an essential part of Goa's culture

Venita Gomes

World Coconut Day

On World Coconut Day, let's check how coconut is deeply entwined in Goa's culture and heritage.

Use of coconut in Goa

Toddy Tappers

In Goa, toddy tapping is one of the oldest, traditional occupations. Since Goa has abundant coconut groves in Goa, there used to be plenty of toddy tappers in the days gone by. However, their numbers have dwindled today.

Toddy Tapping in Goa

Coconut groves all around

In Goa, if you travel in the villages, you will find places called 'madani' . These are areas which have roads, lined with coconut trees on both the sides.

Roads with a canopy of coconut trees in Goa

Religious rituals

Coconut is used for various rituals in Goa. While coconut is given as prasad by Goa's Hindus, it is also 'broken' on auspicious occasions. Therefore, many people embark on a new venture, or journey, by breaking a coconut.

Coconut used in rituals

Coconut ladles

Back in the day, traditional ladles in Goan kitchen were made of coconut. These would range from big to small spoons, made from coconut shells. The edible parts would be removed from the coconut, and a stick would be inserted in the coconut shell, and would function as a handle.

Ladles made of coconut shells

Coconut oil

In early times, people would use coconut oil to prepare food. They considered it to be healthy. People would also make use of coconut oil for joints and muscle pains. They believed that it was an effective pain reliever.

Use of coconut oil

In cuisine

Coconut is widely used in Goa's cuisine. From curry to veggies, coconut is an important element in most dishes. Xacuti, fish curry, patoleos, alle belle and various other dishes use generous amounts of coconut.

Coconut in Goa's food

Importance of coconut

The World Coconut Day is a reminder for everyone, to understand the health benefits and significance of coconuts in our daily lives.

World Coconut Day 2022