World Photography Day: Goa through the photographer's lens

Venita Gomes

On World Photography Day, photographers Sandeep Desai and Rohan Fernandes from Goa, share photographs that raise issues, highlight problems and give a glimpse of Goa's culture, heritage and lifestyle....
HINTERLAND: There is much scenic beauty, greenery and life in Goa's hinterlands, which goes unnoticed all too often. | Pic Courtesy: Rohan Fernandes
CULTURE: If you look closely at Goa, you will find different communities living together in harmony, each with its own traditions, rituals and festivals. Here is a festival, known as 'Sheni Uzzo', where people 'throw fire'. Here, cow dung cakes are set ablaze and thrown at a person climbing a specific coconut tree. | Pic Courtesy: Rohan Fernandes
LIFESTYLE: People in Goa are deeply connected to their faith and religion. And, being a melting pot of various faiths, cultures and communities, you will find communal harmony in the state. | Pic Courtesy: Rohan Fernandes
PROBLEMS/ISSUES: There are many issues and problems in the state, and bringing them to light has always been the task of photojournalists, who constantly keep an eye out to capture the problems of the common man. | Pic Courtesy: Sandeep Desai
NEWS: There is news everywhere. There are times when journalists spend hours, waiting patiently, just to capture one photograph and let the photograph do the talking. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. | Pic Courtesy: Sandeep Desai
RISKING IT: Capturing the right moment often means getting in the midst of things in spite of the risks involved. | Pic Courtesy: Sandeep Desai