You will find these Diwali delicacies in every Hindu Goan home today

Rohan Fernandes

Shankarpali are made of sugar and maida. They are cut into diamond-shaped pieces, which are then deep fried in ghee or butter.

Shankarpali|Diwali food|Goa | All Picture Courtesy: Rohan Fernandes

Saakriche fov: This consists of flattened rice, and generous amounts of sugar, among other things.

Saakriche fov|Diwali food|Goa

Churmuri (puffed rice) ladoo: These laddoos, made of puffed rice, are sweet and crisp on the outside and are considered very healthy for children.

Churmuri ladoo|Diwali food|Goa

Besan ladoo: These are made of gram flour and are enjoyed by everyone as they have a sweet taste, which is mild and pleasing to the palate.

Besan Lado|Diwali food|Goa

Karanji: While this mawa-filled sweet is not a part of Goan Diwali tradition, it is certainly available in shops across Goa, and is very popular in the state at this time of the year.

Karanji|Diwali food|Goa

Tandul put (rice flour) chakli: Savoury chakli is one of the most popular quick bites in Goa, and almost resembles jalebi with its concentric circle shape.

Chakli|Diwali food|Goa

Doodh Peda: One of the sweetest items on the Diwali platter, pedas have a rich, creamy texture and virtually melt in the mouth.

Doodh Peda|Diwali in Goa|food