Yuvraj Singh's Goa house is now open for guests...

Venita Gomes

Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh, is now an Airbnb host, and is offering an exclusive one-time-only stay at his holiday home in Goa

Yuvraj Singh|Goa Holiday Home|Airbnb | ALL PICTURE COURTESY: FABIEN CHARUAU

A group of six will get the chance to stay in this celeb home. All you have to do is book the space on airbnb.com/yuvrajsingh. Bookings open on September 28, 2022 and the starting price is Rs 1,212 per night as the number '12' is dear to the cricketer since it is his birth date and jersey number.

Yuvraj Singh|Goa Holiday Home|Airbnb

The al fresco dining area of the sportsman's holiday home in Goa has magnificent views of the sea.

Yuvraj Singh|Goa Holiday Home|Airbnb

The six guests, who get access to the three-bedroom holiday home, will also get a glimpse of the cricketer's special memorabilia and meaningful keepsakes from his years on the pitch.

Yuvraj Singh|Goa Holiday Home|Airbnb

This is Singh's special media library for the India team only.

Airbnb|cricketer|Yuvraj Singh|Goa

Simple, yet aesthetic Mediterranean accents to the kitchen.

Yuvraj Singh| cricketer| Goa Holiday Home| Airbnb

The master bedroom of Casa Singh.

Yuvraj Singh|Goa Holiday Home|Airbnb

The lounge area of Yuvraj's holiday home in Goa.

Yuvraj Singh |Goa Holiday Home|Airbnb|Morjim

The villa is located on a hill and provides breathtaking views of the Arabian Sea.

Yuvraj Singh |Goa Holiday Home|Airbnb|Morjim