‘It’s nice to play characters which push your limits’

Monday, 10 April 2017

Sonakshi Sinha gets candid about how Mumbai’s killing her, playing strong roles and being back on television  

Sonakshi Sinha gets candid about how Mumbai’s killing her, playing strong roles and being back on television  

If you have seen Sonakshi Sinha of late, you will be bowled over by her svelte figure and bubbly charm. Recently in town to promote her upcoming film Noor, the actress radiated infectious energy and a positive warmth. Sonakshi is playing the role of a journalist in the comedy-thriller and her character in Noor is shown to have weight issues. And it was during the making of the film that she lost oodles of weight. 

The film directed by Sunhil Sippy also stars Kanan Gil, Purab Kohli, Shibani Dandekar, among others. Releasing on April 21, it is adapted from Pakistani author Saba Imtiaz’s novel Karachi, You’re Killing Me! We caught up with Sonakshi to know more about her call on playing lead roles, Friday pressure, appearing on TV and so on. Excerpts:   

There’s a dialogue in the film where you say, ‘Mumbai, you are killing me’. Is there anything about the city that’s killing you?
There are lots of things. We would love to see some positive changes in the city we live and love. We work so hard, pay taxes but it doesn’t get converted into the betterment of the city. Pollution, for one, is killing me because it’s not nice to breathe dirty air. Apart from that, we have to deal with the volume of traffic, lack of infrastructure and increasing number of potholes. 

In one of the scenes in Noor, you say, ‘This year, I will change my life’. Was there any similar moment in your real life too?
I think at some point we all go through a similar situation when we are slacking or something or someone around us may have affected us in a way. Everyone makes mistakes. Noor is a real person and she too has made some mistakes. Then something happens that affects her in a way and she needs to set things right. Personally, I have been through such moments since school when I felt that I can or should do better.  

Lately, you have been playing strong characters. Is it a conscious career decision?
It’s actually been very organic. I feel that the films that I have done in the past (and I thoroughly enjoyed working in them), were the types that the audience loved watching on screen. Then cinema kind of went through a transition and different kinds of subjects were written, roles were being written with female characters as protagonists. I felt comfortable doing those films because they put me in a position where I could take risks and do the kind of roles I wanted. Whether Akira, Force 2 or upcoming Ittefaq — it’s nice to play characters which push your limits and portray you on screen in a different manner. 

Playing the leading lady is different from playing the lead because the responsibility of the film then falls on your shoulders. 

Do you feel the pressure when your film releases?
I feel so liberated because I don’t have to depend on anyone else for support. That said, filmmakers create the roles for the entire cast so perfectly well that I have never felt alone. We keep supporting each other which kind of drives you to do better. So when it comes to Fridays, there’s no pressure but an excitement that builds up. I always have a positive outlook towards everything I do. I firmly believe that whatever you imagine, will ultimately manifest. You generally get a vibe before the release of a film and we have got a positive vibe for Noor. 

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