Republished : Flyer shouts ‘No VIP culture’, rides with Nitish Kumar in buggy at Delhi airport

Bavri Radha
Tuesday, 25 April 2017

VIP culture seems to have raised heckles at the

VIP culture seems to have raised heckles at the Delhi airport as Bihar chief minister Nitish Kumar faced an angry passenger while he was trying to avail buggy service meant for VIPs and elderly at Terminal 3. As Kumar sat in the cart after arriving from Mumbai, another passenger came and sat in the front seat and started shouting ‘No VIP culture’.

The security agency requested him to get down but when he didn’t budge, the staff did not say anything and allowed him to sit. Nitish, however, got down at the international lounge while the other passenger went till the immigration counter.

Although there are walkalators and escalators at the airport, as the T3 is long, VIPs are often taken in golf carts till immigration counters. There are 30 such battery operated carts available at Delhi airport.

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