Goan heritage products by Goa Décor

Heritage products, lifestyle accessories and other home décor all under one roof
Locally crafted heritage Goan products
Locally crafted heritage Goan products

If you are looking to purchase some locally crafted heritage Goan products, then Goa Décor is your store to visit. At Goa Décor, you can get your hands on some fine-crafted varieties of heritage products, lifestyle accessories and other home décor items.

 Before we get to know the place, let’s find out something about the person behind Goa Décor. 

Goa Decor conceptualized by Roopa Kunkolienkar
Goa Decor conceptualized by Roopa KunkolienkarPhoto: Goa Decor


Goa Décor was conceptualised by Roopa Kunkolienkar, an architect. The space is a realisation of a long-held dream, the seeds of which were sown in her childhood. From the fascination with the antiques in her parents’ ancestral home to visiting her husband’s 400-year-old ancestral home and collecting old antiques to give them a facelift and preserve them. 

Locally crafted heritage Goan products
Curries simmering in Goan kitchens

Along with collecting old items, she also maintained a journal where she would note down things about old Goan items and how they can be revitalised and preserved. 

That’s when Goa Décor came into being. During the pandemic, back in 2020, when the nation went into complete lockdown, Roopa had a lot of time on her hands, so she decided to pursue her dream of bringing back authentic Goan items to the people. The idea was not to commercialise these Goan items but instead, popularise them among the people. 

Old Goan art with a fusion twist
Old Goan art with a fusion twistPhoto: Rohan Fernandes

Goa Décor is not only about bringing back old Goan items but also finding a way to give them a modern twist when required. And so that’s where Roopa creates new innovative products, incorporating modern and old. 

One such example of fusion art is the high-rise stools that are on display at the studio. They have a combination of seasonal timber in the shape of a traditional Goan kitchen utility called soop in Konkani. You can also find a delicately beautiful collection of mirrors in various shapes with the border done with roteção. You also get stools displaying the roteção art on them. 

Modified old age pieces of utilities
Modified old age pieces of utilitiesPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


They have restored and modified age-old pieces of utility items that give us an insight into Goa’s illustrious past while offering us something we can use in this modern day.

In addition to that, they have a variety of souvenirs that are specially designed, and many are handcrafted for those who wish to carry some iconic elements of Goan heritage as a memory. 

What makes Goa Décor interesting is that they support local artisans, craftsmen, woodworkers, weavers, young budding artists and technicians. 

To create these handcrafted items, they use local timber like teak, shivann, neem, jackfruit, sal, acacia, mango, siras, etc. Most of the heritage products are eco-friendly, sustainable and either handcrafted or handwoven. 

Some of the products can you can find are the Sadafuli collection which includes: Paraath, Sol kadi bowl, Samadde –The Appetiser, Kolmul – The Sol kadi bowl, Maapa – The measures, Paatlo as the Salad bowl.

These products can be either kept as souvenirs or used as per the original purpose of the product. An example would be the kadi bowl which is hand-painted by a local artist, depicting a bowl with curry as it was used before. This item can be used practically since the items are coated with a protective layer of flaxseed oil. Any food can be served and will be safe to consume. 

Another example is the aadoli, which was used to grate coconut or cut fish and vegetables, being given a facelift. You can find this in two variants where one features a hand-painted illustration, showing its original use and the other with chitari art on it. 

Art corner with interesting Goan artifacts
Art corner with interesting Goan artifactsPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


Apart from products, you can find a separate section where you can find paintings of vintage Goa. Roopa has collaborated with artist Raj Halankar, who has mastered illustration, typography, photography, and display – the principal subject in his academic career.

He is also a retired professor from the J J School of Applied Arts, which showcases artwork featuring various monuments and the landscape of Goa, along with traditional occupations of Goa, the aborigines of Goa, post-liberation era and typical Goan scenes. 


You can also find the traditional Goan shell and stained-glass windows. These are available at the gallery. They are available in various sizes, colours and patterns. 

Wall art found in the Spiritual corner
Wall art found in the Spiritual cornerPhoto: Rohan Fernandes


The spiritual corner is where you can get your hands on some wall art like yantras, ancient spiritual symbols and a meditation chair (called “sukhasan”, made by Roopa herself). Roopa's collection of ancestral items takes centre stage in this studio, emanating a captivating aura. These cherished pieces include the bhaan, paat, mapa, petul, tabalfal and many more adding a touch of heritage and significance to the space. A screen placed above, displays videos of the artisans and craftsmen involved in the process of creating the products.

Locally crafted heritage Goan products
Enjoy awesome waterfront views with your dining experience in Goa

To truly immerse yourself in the wonders of Goa Décor, we suggest you visit the studio located above Apollo pharmacy, level 3, Supreme building, Caranzalem.

Known for housing some of Goa's most exquisite and meticulously crafted products, the store is a haven for art enthusiasts and connoisseurs. Each item has been created with unwavering care and passion, ensuring an unforgettable experience for all devotees of art.

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