Think portraiture and landscapes are passé? Goan artist David Flaviano Fernandes begs to differ!

At a time when abstract art is the in-thing, the subjects of artist David Flaviano Fernandes are like a breath of fresh air.
Think portraiture and landscapes are passé? Goan artist David Flaviano Fernandes begs to differ!

Miniature art by Goan artist David Flaviano Fernandes

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During a decade that witnessed a preponderance of conceptual art, as well as an emerging generation that denounced the notion of authenticity, a majority of artists in Goa also moved from portraiture and landscapes to abstract and semi-abstraction art forms. To see landscapes, still life and architectural details in paintings by David Flaviano Fernandes is commendable.

Deceptive in their simplicity, his paintings convey depths of meaning. Using fast-drying acrylic and watercolour, which he says is a fun medium, he opines that his work is not strictly art, but art-related, and mainly Goa-centric. His muse is nature, which is the formal source of inspiration — flora, the countryside and other distinctive elements of edifices, enhanced with textures.

He prefers to paint outdoors, where the light changes rapidly. And, capturing that particular moment needs precise timing.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Stunning landscapes, captured on canvas, by artist David F Fernandes</p></div>

Stunning landscapes, captured on canvas, by artist David F Fernandes

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David Flaviano Fernandes studied Applied Art at the Sir J J School of Art, Bombay. Graduating as a Commercial Artist, he worked with Lintas Advertising Agency, Mumbai, as a Visualizer, before moving to the UK in 1975, where he joined the Medway College of Design, and specialized in 3D Design — interiors, exhibition design and displays.

In 1981, he returned to Bombay, and rejoined Lintas. Later, as a freelance designer, he travelled around India working with event managers. A year later, he relocated to Goa, which is when he started his career as a full-time working artist.

“Due to restrictions, enforced by COVID, it’s not lucrative to depend on art as the only source of income. I hold workshops with school children, youngsters and seniors. I prefer working with younger children, as they pick up techniques much faster. I have exhibited students’ works in the past, but, the situation now is such that we get fewer students at a time.”

<div class="paragraphs"><p> Artist David Flaviano Fernandes draws inspiration from nature</p></div>

Artist David Flaviano Fernandes draws inspiration from nature

Gomantak Times

With regards to art classes, he gives students a lot of freedom on the choice of subjects and style. However, if it’s a 7 to 10-day program, then they have to follow a fixed agenda. He has also conducted workshops for corporates (team building through art), in Goa, and also does art-related work at hotels, Christmas decor, signages, and more.

In his leisure time, he paints miniatures, an art form popular in the Mogul and Rajput era, and which few artists currently pursue. The paintings are conversation starters, and make outstanding table-top displays.

Artist David Flaviano Fernandes holds painting classes at Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda.

WHERE: Carpe Diem Art Gallery, Majorda

WHEN: Every Thursday

TIMINGS: 10.30 am – 12 pm

FEES: ₹ 700 (inclusive of material)

CONTACT: +91 8888862462

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Miniature art by Goan artist David Flaviano Fernandes</p></div>
Things to do: Attend a smoothies workshop and visit a Farmers’ Market

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