Muslim doctors combat COVID-19 while keeping Roza

“I believe religion is an individual choice but your duty towards the nation comes always first," Dr Zenin Khan.
Dr Zenin Khan donning a Personal Protective Equipment
Dr Zenin Khan donning a Personal Protective Equipment

PANAJI: The doctors have been in the forefront of society's battle against dreaded Covid-19. Amongst them are Corona warriors from the Muslim community, who despite keeping Roza (fasting during Ramazan) were on their feet to serve the people round-the-clock and help combat the disease. 

Speaking to GT, resident doctor Dr Zenin Khan said, “The holy month of Ramazan is always been special for every Muslim. However, this year was different. Working as a frontline medical worker during this pandemic, it was my duty and responsibility to come true to the oath that I had taken to become a doctor. It was time to serve my country during these difficult times.”

“I believe religion is an individual choice but your duty towards the nation comes always first,” Dr Khan said adding that she has been working consecutively without any extra leave. “I am very much thankful to my in-charge who realised I was keeping Roza and thus, allotted me day shift,” she added.

“I feel it is the most difficult Ramzan that Muslims have faced all over the world and being doctors, the stress just doubles,” Dr Afreen Shaikh, who works at Healthway hospital said.   

"At the beginning of Ramzan, I was wondering how I am going to cope with work, fasting, prayers, and cooking delicious meals for my family, but the month of Ramzan brings in the spirit of giving," Dr Afreen said.  

Keeping herself motivated in this trying times was not easy, but with the support of her family and colleagues Dr Afreen has made it through. "No doubt it has been tiring at times, but God and my fellow workers have been kind as they helped with my working hours and have been supportive throughout,” Dr Afreen.

"Due to the pandemic doctors all over the world are facing numerous difficulties during Ramazan. But the spirit of this month and the love towards their profession keeps them going. May this month bring peace and healing to the whole world," she added. 


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