Infighting in Congress over poll fundraising

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

It seems that the lack of unity has become a major issue in the Congress as recently, party leaders exchanged heated arguments on the issue of raising funds for the

Recently, a meeting of core Congress members was organised at one of the senior leader’s residence. The agenda of the meeting was the municipal elections in Pune. The main issue was of fundraising as elections cannot be fought without money.

Sources confirmed Sakal Times that there were heated arguments in this meeting and personal allegations were made against each other. Some of the senior leaders suggested that the funds should be raised from the  party leaders and members of the standing committee.

As senior leaders attacked the elected members in the PMC, the other leaders also raised questions about senior leaders.

The question was that the party had given MLC post to many leaders but what they had done for the party? There was a demand that they should also submit the details about how much funding they had done in the last few years for increasing the base in the city.

Another question raised was that the party had appointed some senior leaders as in-charge of Pune city and wanted to know about what was their contribution in raising funds to run the party’s operations. Earlier, when former MP Suresh Kalmadi was leading the party in the city, he never asked the workers to raise the funds and he did it on his own. But now, the candidate who had contested the Lok Sabha elections wants to know how to raise the funds. As the members started levelling allegations against each other, the meeting was called off without any conclusion.

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