Sassoon General Hospital gets a new oral cancer detection centre

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

une: With the unprecedented rise in cases of oral cancer, the second most prevalent cancer among Indians, and to help in its detection, a new oral cancer detection centre has been inaugurated at Sassoon General Hospital. 

The centre was inaugurated by Dean of BJ Medical College, Dr Ajay Chandanwale.

“The main cause for this rising burden is the use of tobacco products. Nearly 99 per cent of the deaths caused by oral cancer is due to tobacco consumption,” said Dr Chandanwale.

Some of the early forms of oral cancer, which many people suffer from, include leukoplakia, erythroplakia or oral submucous fibrosis which often go undetected until the illness is not severe. Oral cancer is usually first diagnosed when it becomes symptomatic and approximately two thirds of the patients present with advanced disease, regional metastasis and consequently poor prognosis.

“About 3-8 per cent cases of oral pre-cancer conditions have a high risk of developing into oral cancer,” Dr Chandanwale said.

The centre is equipped with two of the most advanced techniques used in the detection of oral cancer. 

Exfoliative cytology and toluidine blue are among the many methods used in the early detection of cancer and has been proven beneficial in preventing serious advance of cancer, thus reducing the mortality rate. 

The inauguration was also marked by a poster exhibition which was organised to inform the public about cancer. A special lecture on ‘uses of exfoliative cytology’ was delivered by Dr Revati Deshmukh.

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