Step back in time and grab a hot 'pão' at this bakery in Goa

Travel back in time at St Anthony Bakery in Siridao, North Goa, and discover the age-old bread-making traditions of Goa as well as new flavours

In the heart of Siridao, North Goa, lies St Anthony Bakery -- a haven for delicious local bread. Forget your usual Goan pao; here, katre pao, kakon, and poiye are also delicious additions.

Goan Appetit Season 2 couldn't resist the warm, yeasty call. Stepping inside was like stepping back in time, where Nazareth Fernandes and his family knead tradition with flour-dusted hands.

Crackling flames, rising dough, and age-old recipes whispered secrets across generations.

But change, like yeast, works its magic. We saw how the bakery evolved, embracing new tastes, while cherishing the old. Witnessing their passion, weaving familiar and newfound delights, we knew this wasn't just a bakery; it was a shared legacy, a testament to the enduring soul of Goan bread.

So, if you're ever in Siridao, follow the whispers of warm ovens to this timeless haven. Let's raise a crusty toast to Nazareth's bakery, where history kneads the future, one delicious bite at a time.

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