'There is an urgent need to fight for the rights of woman'

Gomantak times
Saturday, 7 March 2020

Grand celebrations and discussions should not be for namesake. There is an urgent need to fight for the rights of the woman until it is achieved and most important is that women should be made aware of their rights. 

MARGAO: Merely celebrating for just once in a year will not achieve the goals. The Women's Day needs to be celebrated throughout the year and especially with regards to empowering the woman living in rural areas.

Speaking to GT scribe, on the occasion of International Women's Day, which is going to be celebrated on March 8, few women expressed their views and appealed to the society to be serious on the issues related to womenfolk. 

Namita D'Silva said that it's a day to celebrate achievements by the women and also to bring about awareness of women's rights. "International Women's Day is the day celebrated to honor women all over the world. It is a special day to celebrate woman from all aspects of life, from your mother, grandmother, wife, sister or any woman who has craved that special place in your life," she added. 

She also said that women need respect and despite much awareness, we are still witnessing the dishonor of women in society.  According to the Shubhangi Naik, who hails from Sanvordem stressed on the need to celebrate the women's day in rural areas of Goa.

"Women from rural Goa are still far away from the dignity they deserve. They are still looked upon as just the housewives. The world is moving at a fast speed and many amongst us are still far away from the basic rights. We hardly hear the women's day celebrated in the villages. Why it is so?," questioned Shubhangi. 
She is also of the opinion that all the underprivileged women need to be brought in front and opportunities to be given to them to prove their identity. 

"Let the International Women's Day be a day to understand the importance of women in society," said Sandra Colaco from Raia. 
She further said that a woman deserves more respect and it should not be only for the namesake. "But what surprises is that society keeps on talking about the rights and respect to the woman but hardly in practical. On one side we talk about empowering the women and on the other hand, we can witness the woman is beaten up on the roads," she stated. 

Sandra also said that a woman should get respect not only in the workplace but also at home. Women need to have the freedom to live happily without any pressure from husband, father, boss nor from society. 
"According to my, I should live without any terms and conditions. Social criticism pulls down a woman very badly. A woman should be respected in every aspect of life," said Jolita De Cunha from Margao. 

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While Darlene Orfelinda Almeida from Banda, Assolna said that a woman despite being the backbone of the family is often taken for granted. "Every year on March 8, we celebrate International Women's Day with great joy. For a woman each day itself is woman's day because of life's struggles and unending demands a woman has to meet in today's competitive world," she added. 

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