7 Red hot, awesome dishes of Goa that you need to know

Evelyn Siqueira

Red is one of Goa’s favourite colours, especially when it comes to all things culinary. Here are some of the most popular Goan dishes, which are red in colour...

Fish curry rice | Goan food | PHOTO: Katia Goes


Sorpotel is perhaps Goa’s most famous curry. This spicy pork preparation is generally served with fluffy, steamed sanna.

Sorpotel | Goan food | PHOTO: Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes


Vegetables such as carrots, brinjal, tendlim (ivy gourd), lime etc are added to a spice mix to produce a variety of tantalising Goan pickles.

Tendlim pickle | Goan food | PHOTO: Venita Gomes


For those inclined towards non-veg cuisine, pickles such as para, molho and balchao, made of pork, fish and other seafood, are also prepared in Goa.

para | molho | balchao | Goan food | PHOTO: xantilicious.com


A traditional Goan delicacy, the fiery Vindaloo curry contains pork, marinated in a flavourful paste of red chillies, spices and vinegar.

Vindaloo | Goan food | PHOTO: Hilda's Touch of Spice


The main ingredient of this popular sour-spicy dish is fish, generally shark.

Ambotik | Goan food | PHOTO: Delicious memories with Alves Fernandes


Feijoada is a delicious stew made of kidney beans and Goan sausage.

Feijoada | Goan food | PHOTO: bigfattummy.com


Another favourite in Goa is mackerel, stuffed with red hot recheado masala, which is pan fried.

recheado | mackerel | goan food | PHOTO: Roxanne D'Silva

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Photo: Jessica Faleiro