9 Goan delicacies that wouldn’t exist without this simple ingredient

Evelyn Siqueira

Goa’s seafood dishes may be to-die-for, but they, and a variety of other local palate-pleasers, just wouldn’t be the same without that little, white ‘rawa’ (semolina)

RECHEADO FISH FRY: This is a Goan specialty, where fish is stuffed with recheado masala, coated with rawa, and pan fried
RAWA FRIED PRAWNS: Prawns, coated with spices and rawa, and fried crisp
SQUIDS (CALAMARI) RAWA FRY: Sliced squid, stir-fried and cooked with fiery, red Goan recheado masala
MUSSELS RAWA FRY: Here, soft mussels are coated in rawa and deep-fried till crunchy
BREADFRUIT RAWA FRY: Slices of breadfruit, tossed in rawa and masala, and fried
RAWA DOCE /KOKADA/COCADA: A Christmas sweet, whose main ingredient is rawa and coconut
SHEERA: Sheera is made of rawa and sugar, with a sprinkling of nuts and raisins
NEVRI/NEOREO: This festive delicacy is commonly made with a filling of rawa, nuts and sesame seeds
RAWA LADDOO: A festive sweet whose primary ingredient is rawa

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