At Kushavati farm in South Goa find yourself in lap of nature

Franky Gracias

The Kushavati Organic Farm in Usgalimal in Sanguem, South Goa, works in harmony with nature.

Goa|Kushavati farm|Organic produce | Photo: Franky Gracias

Its major product is supari (betel nut). It boasts of being one of the best plantations of the betel nut crop.

Goa|Kushavati farm|Organic produce|Betel nuts | Photo: Franky Gracias

Besides betel nut, the farm also produces coconut, black pepper, white pepper, nutmeg, banana, turmeric, coffee and cardamom.

Goa|Kushavati farm|Organic produce|Spices | Photo: Franky Gracias

It uses some of the best pouches for packaging its spices. These pouches offer protection against moisture and outside odours.

Goa|Kushavati farm|Organic produce|Packaging | Photo: Franky Gracias

The farm follows the slurry irrigation method for some of its crops and it also produces gobar gas.

Goa|Kushavati farm|Organic produce|Cowshed | Photo: Franky Gracias

The vast expanse of the farm, which is located on the banks of the Kushavati river, offers visitors peace and quiet.

Goa|Kushavati farm|In nature's lap | Photo: Franky Gracias

A few metres from the boundary of the farm and separated by a small stream of the river, one can see petroglyphs (rock art) belonging to the Neolithic period.

Goa|Kushavati farm|Usgalimal|Petroglyphs | Photo: Franky Gracias

The Usgalimal rock engravings are one of the most important prehistoric sites in Western India.

Goa|Kushavati farm|Usgalimal|Rock art | Photo: Franky Gracias

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