Best Shravan thalis in Goa: Traditional delicacies to relish this season

Roxanne D'silva


This thoughtfully curated Shravan thali from Workshop Goa in Panjim is priced at Rs 250. Experience authentic traditional Goan delicacies this Shravan.

Shravan thali|Workshop| Panjim | Photo: workshop


Special on the Shravan menu at Kokni Kanteen in Panjim is the authentic Shravan thali. So when you are in the capital city, make the best of it.

Shravan thali| Kokni Kanteen| Pnajim| | Photo: Kokni kanteen


Experience this delectable vegetarian thali that celebrates the richness of Shravan month at Fortune, Miramar. Available from 12.30 pm to 3 pm.

Shravan thali| Fortune hotel| Miramar | Photo:


Relish on a Shravan thali at Kismoor Goa, located in Sangolda. The thali is only available for lunch, so reserve a table if you don't want to miss it.

Shravan thali|Kismoor| Sangolda | Photo: Kismoor


Try out the Awadhi Shravan thali at the Gypsy Baba in Pilerne for a change. This is available only during lunch hours.

Shravan thali|Gypsy baba| Veg food | Photo: vegfoodtrails


The 12 mouthwatering items in this Shravan thali at the Jackfruit Kitchen in Porvorim are Satvik, which means no onion and garlic are used. And, all this for a price of Rs 240. Only available during lunch hours.

Shravan thali|Jackfruit kitchen| Porvorim | Photo: Jackfruit kitchen & bar


Indulge in a Goan vegetarian classic Shravan thali at Peep Kitchen in Taleigao on the outskirts of Panjim.

Shravan thali|Taligao Goa| Goan Veg| | Photo: Peepkitchengoa


This special Shravan thali served at the Kokum Curry in Panjim has some authentic Goan dishes like moogachyo gaati, voddiacho ros and bhenyachi bhaaji. It is available only during lunch hours.

Shravan thali| Kokum curry| Panjim | Photo: Sapnasardessai

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