Dudhsagar zatra in Collem draws devotees from all over Goa

Dhiraj Harmalkar

The Dev Dudhsagar zatra is a colourful affair in Collem.

Goa|tradition|devotees|Collem | All pics: Dhiraj Harmalkar

People need to cross three rivulets to reach the Dudhsagar Temple.

Goa|tradition|rivulets |Collem

On the day of the zatra, aarti is done, followed by mahaprasad at the temple at Collem.


Devotees offer flowers, bananas and coconuts to Dev Dudhsagar.


Khaje, a traditional sweet sold in zatra stalls.


Various stalls were set up outside the Dudhsagar Temple where people made purchases.


You encounter a beautiful rivulet which flows through Collem Wildlife Sanctuary.


The Western Ghats provide an attractive view to the visitors of the Dudhsagar Temple.


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