Goan devotees throng to Devi Shantadurga jatra, Fatorpa

Dhiraj Harmalkar

The vibrantly garbed idol of Shree Devi Shantadurga Kunkalikarin.

Goa|Devotion|Shree Devi Shantadurga|Fatorpa | All pics: Dhiraj Harmalkar

Thousands of devotees from Goa, Maharashtra, Karnataka and other places visit Fatorpa annually to seek blessings from the goddess.


A traditional sweet called "Kaje" is what people eagerly buy at the Fatorpa jatra.


Shree Devi Shantadurga Fatarpekarin is believed to fulfil the wishes of her devotees.

Goa|Devotion|Shree Devi Shantadurga Fatarpekarin|Fatorpa

Women annually offer "padd", an offering of rice, flowers, set of two coconuts, cloth, incense sticks, vermilion, green bangles, etc to the goddess.


There are numerous stalls in the vicinity of the temple where you can buy clothes, shoes, electronic , metal and decorative items, and eatables.


A young girl seems confused about her options of khaje, shev or laddus at the Fatorpa jatra.


On Sunday, devotees waited for hours in a long queue to seek blessings from Goddess Shantadurga.


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