Goa's rare gem: Visit Namazgah in Bicholim

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Atop a quiet hillock and overlooking Goa's Bicholim town lies a unique example of Islamic architecture — Namazgah.

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Scenic | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

The Namazgah has a mix of Persian and Mughal construction styles.

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Architectural marvel | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

It has an open courtyard flanked by long balconies with columns and crescent capitals.

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Courtyard | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

It was constructed for Prince Akbar II, the son of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, in 1683.

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Architectural marvel | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

The main structure has a dome on top.

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Dome | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

The word Namazagh originates from Persian namaz (prayer) and idgah (a place of prayer used by Muslims only on the occasion of Eid).

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Idgah|Eid | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

At one end, one can see two minarets and a semicircular niche, 'Mihrab', that points in the direction of Mecca (qibla). It is this wall that the devotees face while praying.

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Courtyard|Congregation | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

One can get a panoramic view of the Bicholim town and its nearby areas from the Namazgah. 

Goa|Bicholim namazgah|Panoramic view | Photo: Florence Kurkundi

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