Goa's star of seasonal fests -- Konkan Fruit Fest -- is here

Roxanne D'silva

The 17th edition of Konkan Fruit Fest kicked off today, April 21, in Panjim, and will go on till April 23, 2023.

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|17th edition | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The Botanical Society of Goa in collaboration with the Agricos Alumni Association has organised the fest, with Corporation of the City of Panaji as partner.

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|Botanical Society of Goa | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The stalls at the fest have a lot to offer for plant and fruit lovers.

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|Plants & fruits | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

Other than plants and fruits, one can find various locally produced food products.

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|Food products | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The venue is a great place to go and taste some of Goa's seasonal fruits, and also see and learn about spices and berries.

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|Seasonal fruits | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The annual home garden competition award ceremony will take place at the fest.

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|Plants & flowers|Home garden | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

The fest has lined up fancy dress, fruit and vegetable carving and flower arrangement competitions.

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|Plants|Competitions | Photo: Rohan Fernandes


WHERE: Francisco Luis Gomes Garden (Campal), Panjim

WHEN: April 21- 23, 2023

TIMINGS: 10 am onwards

Panjim-Goa|Konkan Fruit Fest|Plants & fruits | Photo: Rohan Fernandes

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