Guess the main ingredient of these traditional sweet eats from Goa

Evelyn Siqueira

Bebinca is the most popular sweet dish of Goa and is popularly known as the ‘Queen of Goan desserts’. Here are a few amazing sweet treats from Goa which are made of local fruits, but which aren’t as well-known as Bebinca.

Goan sweets | Bebinca | Gomantak Times


While cucumbers are generally associated with salad, it is also the main ingredient of the Goan delicacy, Tavsali.

Goan sweets | Tavsali


Perad is a sweet guava cheese, which is generally prepared at Christmas time.

Goan sweets | Perad


Overripe bananas are used to make the delicious Filos, a traditional tea-time fav.

Goan sweets | Filos | PHOTO: Venita Gomes


Jackfruit is the key ingredient that gives this dense cake its unique flavour.

Goan sweets | Mandos


Goa’s has its very own jam, called Mangada, and it's made primarily of mangoes.

Goan sweets | Mangada


Vonn, one of Goa’s favourite sweets, is made of chana dal.

Goan sweets | vonn


A fruit leather, Saata, is one of many Goan delicacies made of jackfruit.

Goan sweets | Saata

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