Haldi Kumkum: Bonds of togetherness and happiness

Dhiraj Harmalkar

Goan married women (saubhagyavatis) offer tilguls, chickpeas and vermillion to deities on the occasion of Haldi Kumkum.

Goa|tradition|offering|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

Shopping for celebration of Haldi Kumkum.

Goa|tradition|Bukulyo|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

Offering garlands, fatiyo (flower bands), is considered auspicious among Goan married ladies.

Goa|tradition|Garlands|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

Tiny sesame seed ladus are distributed as sesame seeds provide warmth to the body during winter.

Goa|tradition|Til ladu|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

Budkulyos are considered auspicious. Married women offer this as gifts.

Goa|tradition|Budkulyo|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

Variety of flowers are purchased in bulk by people during Haldi Kumkum.

Goa|tradition|flowers|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

Sacred thread is one of the important things which is offered to the married women during Haldi Kumkum.

Goa|tradition|thread|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

Applying tilak (vermillion) to each other by doing house to house is a norm during Haldi Kumkum.

Goa|tradition|tilak|Haldi-Kumkum | Dhiraj Harmalkar

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