Love mangoes? You'll flip for these 9 tantalising mango dishes from Goa (In pictures)

Evelyn Siqueira

1. THE DISH: Tora ghalun sungtachem kodi

(Goan prawn & raw mango curry)

2. THE DISH: Miskut

(Mango pickle)

3. THE DISH: Bharilyo amlyo

(Stuffed mango pickle)

4. THE DISH: Padd'ddo

(Mango seeds/dry mango) This isn’t actually a dish, but is an essential ingredient which adds quite a punch to Goan gravies.

5. THE DISH: Amlechi uddamethi

(Goan raw mango curry)

6. THE DISH: Ghotache sansav

(Sweet & sour mango curry)

7. THE DISH: Mangaad

(Mango jam)

8. THE DISH: Ambeamchi chattnni

(Sweet mango chutney)

9. THE DISH: Mango saata

(Mango leather/papad)

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