Lokotsav 2023: An absolute food fest in Goa!

Katia Goes

Cooked on the spot, fresh and hot food is a promise at the on-going Lokotsav festival in Goa.

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Hot food | Aloo | Photo: Katia Goes

The variety-fest began on January 30, 2023 at Kala Academy in Panjim and will go on till February 8, 2023.

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Dhokla | Photo: Katia Goes

Mouth-watering food items were displayed and being prepared all around the place.

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Dahi wada | Photo: Katia Goes

People flocked to the venue and were instantly drawn to the aromatic stalls in the pandal.

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Pav bhaji | Kachori | Photo: Katia Goes

This fruit ice-cream was one of kind and had people gathered around it in awe as they watched different fresh fruits being incorporated into the ice cream mixture.

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Fruit ice cream | Fresh fruit | Photo: Katia Goes

Who said you can only eat popcorn at the theatre?

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Popcorn | Caramel | Cheese | Butter | Photo: Katia Goes

This vendor called out to passers-by in attempts to have them try the yummy Rajasthani food at his stall.

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Rajasthani food | Photo: Katia Goes

Not a complete meal without a sweet dessert, now is it?

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Jalebi | Dessert | Photo: Katia Goes

Dabeli, dhokla, jalebi, pizza, ice cream, popcorn and more...

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Dhokla | Dabeli | Photo: Katia Goes

If you haven't visited Lokotsav yet, what are you waiting for? People and dishes from all over India are waiting for you.

Goa | Lokotsav 2023 | Food | Chirmuli | Puffed rice | Photo: Katia Goes

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