Made in Goa: Believe it or not, these things are manufactured in Goa

Evelyn Siqueira

Goa might be known for being a land of beaches, food and feni, but there are numerous factories here, too, which manufacture an assortment of products from toothpaste to perfume to icecream to spare parts…

Factories | made in Goa | PHOTO: Rohan Fernandes

Some well-known brands of toothpaste are manufactured in Goa in places such as the Kundaim Industrial Estate, in Ponda taluka.

Factories | made in Goa | toothpaste | Gomantak Times

Electrical items which are manufactured in Goa include branded ceiling fans and washing machines.

Factories | made in Goa | fans | Gomantak Times

A variety of tiles, such as mosaic tiles and pavers, are also produced in Goa.

Factories | made in Goa | tiles | Gomantak Times

Several products, such as plastic buckets, are produced at Madkaim Industrial Estate, North Goa.

Factories | made in Goa | plastic buckets | Gomantak Times

Party requirements such as tissue paper and paper plates have been produced in Goa for years, while areca leaf plates are a new and eco-friendly alternative to styrofoam and plastic plates.

Factories | made in Goa | paper areca nut plates | Gomantak Times

Brooms are one of the home essentials that are manufactured in Goa.

Factories | made in Goa | brooms | Gomantak Times

A variety of locally-produced pharmaceutical items are exported.

Factories | made in Goa | pharmaceuticals | medicines | Gomantak Times

In a fish-loving state like Goa, it would be surprising if there were no canned fish units.

Factories | made in Goa | canned fish | Gomantak Times

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