Margao goes full-throttle with Shigmo mania

Dhiraj Harmalkar

A float showing Lord Shri Narsimha tearing the abdomen of the demon Hiranyakashipu.

Goa|Shigmo|Narsimha|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

The demon Jalandhar from Hindu mythology riding a crocodile.

Goa|Shigmo|Crocodile|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

A participant dressed as Lord Shiva, imitating the Hindu god's most typical pose.

Goa|Shigmo|Shiva|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

This all-women romtamel troupe from Vasco was a special attraction during the Shigmotsav parade in Margao.

Goa|Shigmo|Romtamel|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

A scene from mythology wherein Lord Narsimha is seen fighting the mighty demons to save the people.

Goa|Shigmo|battle|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

A romtamel troupe showed the Goan traditional battle dance of Ghodemodni.

Goa|Shigmo|Ghodemodni|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

A float showing the demon Jalandhar torturing the Shivaganas.

Goa|Shigmo|Shivagana|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

A female participant dressed like the demon king Ravana during the Margao Shigmo.

Goa|Shigmo|Ravana|Margao | Photo: Dhiraj Harmalkar

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