Oh fish! Look at the awesome fish in the Panjim market

Evelyn Siqueira

Fishmongers sell all manner of fish in the Panjim market
These days, seafood lovers in Goa are spoilt for choice with so much seafood on offer
Fish is a staple in Goan kitchens, and is cooked in a variety of ways, such as curried, stuffed, masala fried and rawa fried
Crabs are the main ingredient in a local delicacy called 'Xec Xec'
Fresh, juicy prawns are a perennial favourite among the people of Goa
Seafood is popular among, both, Catholics and Hindus in the state
Ribbon fish (bale) and catfish (sangot) are some of the many fish available in local markets these days
Solefish (lepo) is a popular fish variety in Goa
'Chonak' is another local favourite among fish-lovers

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