Skip a Goan get-together, and here's what you'll miss

Abigail Crasto


Goans have always been community-driven, never needing a reason to celebrate. And, while most believe it's the booze and upbeat tunes that set the mood at these gatherings, it is, in fact, the buffet laid on the table!

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Although Goa's staple fish-curry-rice is simple and thoroughly enjoyed, when many hands come together to prepare these dishes on special occasions, there's always that extra flavour and love that's added.

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First up is this delicious rice dish, prepared using a few spices and vegetables, like green peas. However, another variation includes a few Goan sausages that takes the flavour to the next level.

Goan food| Rice| Pulao| Vegetarian dish| | Photo: Abigail Crasto


What's mostly served along with Pulao is the famous chicken Xacuti. In the past, wedding menus in Goa comprised solely of this coconut and spice curry, a rice dish and salad -- unlike the elaborate celebrations held today.

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And we, Goans, have no regrets, since most celebrations, today, include this seasoned, marinated and cooked-to-perfection beef roast that simply leaves you wanting more.

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The Goan Sorpotel adds the perfect punch to special occasions. This spicy pork curry makes it to the buffet table at most Catholic homes and is usually relished with some local poie or sannas.

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Although the Portuguese left Goa in 1961, they left behind their amazing culinary delights, like the irresistible Chicken Cafreal. This tangy-spicy chicken preparation is simply delicioso and a must-try.

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